Lise (efbq) wrote in miserableovoids,

Thoughts about venting - is it useful?

NOT provoked by any individual journal entry, just by things I've noticed over having an LJ account for over a year. When I'm reading a journal post which is a vent, I LIKE the fact that people mark it as such. I can appreciate people saying 'hey, I know I'm working myself up here, I'm doing it for myself, not for feedback'. So, as a journal reader, I have no problem when I come across a [vent][/vent] post.

On the other hand, I can't see doing it. I know that, when I try to 'blow off steam' myself I usually end up stoking the fire, as it were. It might be worthwhile to do, to energize myself to address an issue, for example, if I didn't have a habit of getting into obsessive feedback loops about stuff.

So, this thecommunity seems like a good place to start a discussion on it, because we miserableovoids tend to think about what makes us dysfunctional, and what it means, etc, rather than rolling around like good little intel demons...

Those of you who do vent online, does it work for you? Do you feel better afterwards? Does it calm you down? Give you an energy buzz? Make you chuckle? What?
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