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I have come to realize that a great deal of my job consists of writing vast amounts of verbiage and saying absolutely fuck-all.

I mean, dig this, written by a cow-orker:

Software is evolutionary in nature. From the time a software product is defined until it is no longer used, it changes. Each change results in a different version of the product. Initiating, evaluating, and implementing the changes while maintaining product integrity is the purpose of configuration management. It provides a rational framework with which to deal with the irrational work of user demands and resource constraints. In terms of maintaining product integrity, it works closely with quality assurance and verification and validation teams.
SCM is an essential discipline in the every-day activities of defining requirements, designing, writing, compiling, testing, and documenting the software. SCM is not simply version control or format control. It is not a clerical “after-the-fact” function. It is a technical field of expertise with formal practices. The primary objective of SCM is to deliver a quality product that meets the stated requirements, on schedule, and within budget. An effective SCM program supports this objective by tracking each requirement from concept through implementation to customer delivery.

If you get rid of the didactic puffery and the repeated concepts, that's basically one, maybe two sentences worth of information. And that is how I'm supposed to write.


This explains why I am writing in my LJ rather than what I'm supposed to be writing...it's in order to keep everyone around from suffering an unfortunate postal incident.

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